What is the DAFNI Go Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush?

The DAFNI Go Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush provides the opportunity for consumers to improve the appearance of their hair without strenuous tools. The tool doesn’t look like anything but a brush, which happens to have a cord to supply power. The tool is meant for every hair type and texture, though it may take a couple extra minutes for more intense curls.Naturally curly or wavy hair can feel like it’s impossible to straighten, since the time needed to just eliminate the curliness from a small section of hair can take multiple attempts to remove all the treatments.

Dafni is an innovative hair straightening brush, incorporating the most advanced hair care technologies, ensuring easy, quick and safer results.Simply brush your hair and it will be straight and smooth within minutes. No clips or need to divide your hair into subsections.

Dafni ceramic is made of high quality materials, and was developed based on revolutionary technology and a unique patent pending 3d ceramic surface design. It remains constant on the top recommended temperature of 185 ° which is healthier for your hair and enables you to effortlessly look great.Quick and easy, the unique 3d ceramic surface design allows you to straighten your hair in minutes by simply brushingTop recommended healthier temperature of 185 ° – no more burning and singeing your hair!

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