How to use Dafni Brush

Transform your hair in seconds using the DAFNI Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush. Whether you have curls, waves or frizz and flyaways, this handy tool brushes them all away, leaving your strands sleek and straight without the hassle of standard styling tools. Here’s how it’s different: it’s easy to use, saves you time and it’s gentle on your hair.

But how does it work? The DAFNI Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush has a 3D ceramic head that heats to an optimal temperature of 185°C, and the evenly spaced bristles are designed to glide through your strands without causing damage. The brush head has a pretty big surface area, meaning that you can straighten large sections of hair in one go. Yay!

Heating to a safe 185°C/365°F in mere seconds, this hair-flattening tool evenly distributes heat without damaging your tresses in the process. Plus, it’s simpler than ever to use, no clips or fuss, you simply brush your hair—it doesn’t get easier than that. We love that it saves us time, you’ll love the results.

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